Five reasons to buy a granite kitchen worktop

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Beautiful black marinache granite Why buy a granite kitchen worktop? A granite kitchen worktop will add a touch of  luxury to your new kitchen. There are loads of reasons why granite is the perfect choice for any home but here are our top five: 1. Granite is durable and hard-wearing Granite is one

Installing a Kitchen Worktop in Surrey

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Kitchen Worktop Templating Before ordering the slab with the appropriate stone, colour and thickness we must first take all the measurements to the client's kitchen and write them down carefully. This step is one of the most important and must be very accurate, no margins of error are allowed. The most precise method for doing

Marble Stone on your iPhone 6 cases

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You may think that marble can be mainly used to build marble worktops for kitchens, marble counter-tops, luxury marble bathrooms or marble worktops for commercial business. Well, you're quite right! Except the new iPhone marble case. The innovative company called Native Union sells an unique marble case for your smartphone iPhone 6/iPhone 6s, iPhone 6

How to choose the best Kitchen Worktops | CCG Surrey

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If you're thinking of improving your kitchen and giving it a new look, you cannot go wrong by choosing natural stone. Selecting the type of surface - granite, marble of quartz - is not easy but setting your budget can be one of the important factors that determines which material you can install for your

Application of Granite Work Surfaces

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Granite worktops for kitchen Give your kitchen an elegant look by introducing beautiful colour granite worktop, matching with your other elements of the kitchen. There are various colours and patterns of granite kitchen worktops to select from, thus having wide options to enhance kitchens beauty. Many benefits are attached to granite worktops like they are

Trends for Granite Worktops

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Granite, a naturally beautiful stone, long lasting, elegant and is widely used in the kitchen, bathroom or kitchen worktops. As it gives a modern look to your ordinary looking home, availability in different colours ranging from dark to light and varying textures, resistant to scratch, heat, stain, bacterial growth, it becomes the best choice to