The trends for quartz kitchen worktops have been increasing these days, because of its durability, amazing looking and availability in various beautiful colors. To meet the increasing demands of customers, manufacturer companies are continuously making efforts to produce more diverse colour quartz.

The advances in modern era technology and machinery related to quartz manufacturing have enabled today?s quartz producers to come with more pattern combination. Before the development of advanced machinery, people use to prefer marble and stones due to its magnificence look and sign of sophistication. But as marbles are not durable and have limited colors compared to quartz, it leads to increased use of quartz. This development in quartz manufacturing process has given birth to a new generation of quartz kitchen worktops, which are scratch, heat, bacteria resistant and also required very less cleaning and maintenance work. We have a great collection of different companies with hundreds of colours and patterned quartz, which helps you to select the best worktop suiting your kitchen color and structure.

The Silestone series, founded by Consentino group consists of various colored and patterned quartz like Lyra and Lagoon of very light grey white color, Merope is plain dark grey color, stellar marine is light blue with dark blue spots in it and much more color combination and texture.

Quartz kitchen worktops using this series are very popular among people.

In the same way, Compac founded Nature range, which is also loved by people and it also consists of fascinating colored and textured quartz like Carrara of white color, Pierre bleue and Portoro of black color with slight texture in it, light cream color Perlino and Bottucino also getting popular along with white combination, while Noce is slightly darker cream that goes well with black cabinets and Imperial is of chocolate brown with white texture.

This way is worthy to have quartz worktops to give your kitchen a stylish twist.