Amazing unique colours available for quartz kitchen worktops

transform the hub of the house providing a whole new life. Retaining the familiar look and feel, yet given a total update to the entire kitchen, by only replacing your worktops and splashbacks.

Turn a traditional look into a sleek new contemporary feel, or transform ultra-modern to cottage style, by choosing the right combination of colours, texture and finishes.  Quartz kitchen worktops add luxury but in the same time a fluid effect. Different profiles allow you to finish the edges of your kitchen worktops whit custom shapes.

Quartz kitchen worktops can be noted for their slimline profile, or we create a ëchunkierí look with a seamless edge piece. We can even extend the edge piece right down to the base plinth for a fashionable waterfall effect. If a custom-shaped worktop corner or curved island, the peninsular end is your preference, we can fabricate that too.

At least one-thirds lighter than natural stone our engineered stone (quartz), add strength without sacrificing technical performance. That allows as to installed directly with no need for extra structural timber, or in the case of hob and sinks reinforcing rods.

When it comes to the cost and convenience of fitting our quartz kitchen worktops that counts an awful lot.

Thanks to the inclusion of high grade resin in quartz work surfaces, their technical performance is second-to-none. They are non-porous, so most stains and spills can be easily wiped away, you do not have to worry about aggressive cleaning chores and periodic maintenance, scratch-resistant, durable and strong enough to withstand the dropped bowling ball test.

The material is also thoroughly heat resistant, although oven-hot pans should not be left unattended and carries an unrivaled warranty, for complete peace of mind. This  are some of the attributes that defines quartz worktops. It is true that quartz worktops are bit expensive as compared to other worktops. But if you are a true admirer of quartz kitchen tops then you can understand its qualities and elegance justifies its cost. We understand that what value does your kitchen interior holds for you, this is the reason we provide 100% genuine yet quality products to our homeowners. let us assist you in deciding the best for your quartz kitchen worktops.