Kitchen Worktop Templating

Before ordering the slab with the appropriate stone, colour and thickness we must first take all the measurements to the client’s kitchen and write them down carefully. This step is one of the most important and must be very accurate, no margins of error are allowed. The most precise method for doing templating is using a panel of MDF (in this case of 3mm thickness).

Below you have an example of a kitchen worktop installed in Surrey and all the process from templating to installation.

Preparing the Worktop

The cutting machine used to cut the stone can work in manual, semiautomatic and automatic mode. It can cut all types of stone including granite, marble, quartz, limestone, basalt, onyx.

Kitchen worktop technical details:

  • Dimension: 3200 mm x 1600 mm
  • Weight: 992 lb/450 kg
  • Stone used: Quartz
  • Stone colour: Michelangelo
  • Stone thickness: 30 mm


Cutting the Kitchen Worktop

Above the stone slab we put the MDF panel with the measures taken previously from our client’s kitchen so we can cut the stone based on the kitchen worktop we want to have. The cutting machine is using water when working for various reasons, one of the reasons is even the reduced amount of dust that come out from the stone. This machine build by the famous Italian company Marmo Meccanica it has high precision on any kind of stone.

Finishing the Worktop

The worktops were moved now. What’s the next step of the process?

Worktop parts are moved in the preparation area for cut sink, hob peeper angles and corners. The tool you see in the photo is called Wet Pholisher and is using a step of 8 ceramic and diamond pads to polish all the ages corners and sink.

Kitchen Worktop is ready for installation

Now the worktop is ready to be transported and installed in our client’s kitchen. This kitchen worktop is made of two pieces that will be stick together and one piece for the island that you can see in the picture.

We use special type of silicon to glue the worktop parts to cabinets, and quartz epoxy for joints. In order to match the line of the material we’ve used 4 different colours and as you can clearly see from the photo the line between the worktop parts is very thin.


Worktop installed and ready to use

Once installed you can enjoy the new kitchen worktop and the beauty of the quartz stone.