If you’re thinking of improving your kitchen and giving it a new look, you cannot go wrong by choosing natural stone. Selecting the type of surface – granite, marble of quartz – is not easy but setting your budget can be one of the important factors that determines which material you can install for your new kitchen worktops.

Quartz, granite, and marble are very strong and reliable materials for kitchen worktops. They are long-lasting, practical and will add beauty to your kitchen.

The main difference between these three materials is that Quartz has a small percentage of additives. So, Granite worktops and Marble worktops are entirely made of natural stone, while Quartz has 93% natural stone and 7% of resin and some additives for coloration.

Let’s start with the surfaces that are most used in professional and residential use. W have installed hundreds of tons of stone with more than 600 colours in Surrey, West Sussex , East Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Berkshire, Bucks, Essex, and London.

Quartz Kitchen Worktops are Affordable

With 11 providers of Quartz you have a large number of colours from you can choose and various thickness from 12 mm to 30 mm. If you’re looking for worktops that require zero maintenance and that have a non-porous surface, quartz is the best option for you. Quartz kitchen worktops can be as colorful as marble and granite but they are more uniform and do not contain natural grains or veins.

Granite Kitchen Worktops are Modern

Granite is available in a more limited variety of colours and textures since is a natural stone. Is also particularly strong and very hard to scratch, crack or break with normal activities.
Many of our clients in Surrey prefer granite kitchen worktops because it is solid,  durable and has a strong resistance to heat without even showing water marks.

Choose granite kitchen worktops if you want to keep the color over time or if you need kitchen worktops that are not sensitive to cleaning chemicals. So, compared to quartz, granite kitchen worktops are lower-maintenance but they do have fewer colour options.

Marble Kitchen Worktops are Elegant

Kitchen worktops in marble are usually more expensive since marble, being a natural stone, porous and very sensitive to chemical cleaners or acidic liquids, needs a particularly high-grade sealant to protect the surface. Also, the cost is higher because marble has unique natural modeling and random veining that granite and quartz don’t have. Marble kitchen worktops need maintenance so can keep the bright coloration over time.

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