We’ll be there for you even after the project is complete. If you have any quotation or concerns regarding maintenance of your worktops. Please feel free to contact us
We pride ourselves on our after sales experience. We warranty 12 months all of our work prior after installation and ensure that owning your stone remains a pleasurable experience. If anything is ever wrong, we make it right!

12 Month Installation Worktop Warranty
Making Claims any claim made against this warranty should be submitted in writing. Upon acceptance that the claim against the warranty is valid.

The Company warrants in respect of the installed granite surface against manufacturing defects which are not visible or known at the date of purchase and which show themselves within a period of one (1) years from the date of completion of installation and in addition against staining which has occurred through reasonable, normal proper use as a domestic work top following the guidelines provided below.

This warranty specifically excludes defects or damages caused by the following:

– Customer abuse or misuse of the surface and failure to maintain stone properly, in accordance with our
recommendations given to each customer after completion of the job.
– Normal spotting or discoloration caused by acidic liquid spills on the surface.
– Customer use of abrasive or inappropriate cleaning materials on the stone surface (cleansers that contain acid such as bathroom cleansers, grout cleansers, contain vinegar, lemon juice, ammonia or tub & tile cleansers).
– Scratches to stone surfaces caused by sharp instruments.
– Chipping or cracking due to heavy objects being dropped on the stone surface.
– Cracking caused by sitting or standing on the worktop.
– Cracking joints caused by failure of the kitchen cabinets
– Do not cut directly on stone worktops, always use a cutting board.
– Do not put hot pots and pans directly on stone worktops; always use a trivet or hot pad.
– Do not drop heavy items on the stone worktops
– Do not sit or stand on stone countertops.