Technistone Quartz carries a 10 years warranty

Depending on range and colours it available in:

Surface type: Polished, 

Thicknesses of: 12mm –  20mm and 30m

Technistone quartz is a high-quality, inorganic, composite material, nonporous, polishable granulates, built-up from hard, compactly bound together with a filler and a binder, resistant surface, coloured with different pigments and has a smooth, comes in a variety of sizes with a wide range of applications.

Technistone engineered stone consists of 93% natural materials, primarily granite and quartz. Other components in the Technistone material are colour pigments, resin and additional ingredients for high durability, consistency, resistance, for the required design.

Technistone material lends interiors its own unique magic. Format variability: from mosaic structures to large-size formats, level of surface or joint smoothness and colour content. These are attributes that combine to create high-class architecture design and interior design elegance. This general impression is also enhanced by the unique structure and colourful detail, letting our imaginations roam free.

The combination of functionality with high elegance makes Technistone materials some of the best for interior solutions.