Four Finish Types
Granite can come in 4 different finishes: Polished, Honed, leather and Antiqued.

Polished is the most widely used and is the most resilient to stains.

Honed / Matt
Honed gives the stone a matt finish, and black honed surfaces are often used instead of slate – granite being much more hardwearing.  The honing process does make the stone more porous and it is therefore slightly more susceptible to superficial staining than a polished finish.

Antiquing the stone involves flame texturing the surface or bush hammering it to produce a textured finish.  This is a very tactile material and is suitable for use in the appropriate kitchens, bathrooms and hearths.  We currently only have this available in a small variety of granites which produces a fabulous finish. Please call and ask.

This finish, created when diamond-tipped brushes pass across the surface, conveys the look and feel of textured leather. Like a polished surface, it is less porous and highlights the colour, like a honed surface, it disguises crumbs and streaks