Stone Italiana Quartz carries a 10 years warranty

Depending on range and colours it available in:

Surface type: Polished, 

Thicknesses of: 13mm – 20mm and 30m

Stone Italiana was established in Verona in 1979 and is today a leading-edge manufacturer of recomposed quartz and marble surfaces. Over the years, Stone Italiana’s production has been a reflection of a new way of perceiving and using stone, something much like a semantic revolution. Stone Italiana has rediscovered qualities which are found in the natural world, such as uniqueness, non-repeatability and variety, yet it never tried to imitate nature.

Rather, it has drawn inspiration from it to develop brand new materials that offer improved performance to an ever more discerning market. Research is Stone Italiana’s way of being and interacting with ideas, design and intuitions. However, there can be no research without experimentation and this is a top priority at Stone Italiana, through all production steps, from aesthetic considerations to product performance.

Stone Italiana has an on-going commitment to producing surfaces with enhanced mechanical strength, reduced thickness, weight and always experimenting with new colours and textures while trying out mixture compositions and grades tailored to the Customerís needs. Thus, innovation and technology are the key factors of the quality culture that has always set Stone Italiana apart.