1. Getting a quote

Come in for a visit to one of our locations in Edolphs Farm, Norwood Hill Road, Charlwood Surrey, RH6 0EB by appointment call, fax, email us. Bring along if available samples of your cabinets, tile and any other helpful interior pieces that will help you select the stone for your home or comercial project.

Also come with a kitchen designers plan (not necessarily in scale) or just a simple drawing with dimensions (like this we have an idea of the layout) so that we can price.

Please provide information regarding :

– where the cut outs are going to be
– how meny cut outs(hob) or sets of groves
– whether the sink(s) are under-mounted
– Stone name, ID ( if known)
– Edge profile ( if known)
– Please also list any other extras you require – upstands, splash-backs, window sills or backs-splash
– address and any other details that will help us determine the quote of the job.

During your visit to our showroom we will show you our vast selection of granite, quartz (enginiredstone), marble, and other natural stone, providen you with samples.

All estimates are based on the dimensions and detail provided to us
You can also use our quatation form to make an online estimate

2. Pricing

our price will be based on nr. of slabs (m2 material) necessary and all the above (1.Getting a quote)
we will send you a written quotation that includes all the detail we have discussed.

3. Placing an Order

if you are satisfied with the formal quotation (we require a signed copy of the formal quotation), next step will require a 25% deposit to Placing the Order and fix a date for templating. the goods are allocated on receipt of the deposit(s) which can be paid by debit/credit card, cheque, cash…

4. Templating

We will give you a call in advance with at least 2 days before the already fix date, to arrange a time to template (template condition – please read). is a critical step so please be present (At the end of templating we require a second deposit of 25% based on the agreed price), o have someone knowledgeable on site, to provide the templator with technical information and any changes in colour (type material), design, profile, drainer grooves, sink, tap position, radius corner size etc.
Templating for a kitchen worktops usually takes 1 hour to 3 hours depending (size, complicated jobs).

5. Installation

like templating we will give you a call in advance with at least 2 days before the already fix date, to arrange a time for installation (installation condition – please read). Installation takes generally from 2 hours (straightforward jobs) to 6 hours(complicated jobs). You are required to be present on completion of the installation to inspect the worktops etc. and arrange for the balance to be paid by debit/credit card, cash.

And the last thing for as for us to do is leave you to enjoy.