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Kitchen Worktops

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and it should, therefore, be neat and organized. The kitchen combines various things, the countertop, worktop being one of the most important fixtures in the kitchen.

There are many styles and materials of countertops, worktops available on today’s market, so one can view various items considered to be the best kitchen countertops, worktops.

Because of the increasing popularity of countertop, worktops choices, various types can be mixed and matched to obtain an individualized countertop, worktops. In order to get the best kitchen countertops, worktops, the surfaces can be made distinct from the others by selecting various materials, textures, colors and functions. Granite, engineered stone (quartz) seems to have become the ongoing trend in kitchen countertops, worktops as sales of the product continue to increase.

There are several reasons why granite, engineered stone (quartz) countertops, worktops have become so popular for kitchens. It is largely because of the popularity of home building and remodeling shows on television, where granite slabs are used in the most upscale designs.


Granite has also come down in price considerably in the last couple of decades because of improvements in the process of granite, engineered stone (quartz) countertop, worktops fabrication and installation.

While manmade materials will deteriorate with time, granite is a natural stone that can last for generations with the right care and upkeep. It is still quite a costly enterprise install granite countertops, worktops but it adds value to the home.

Most other home additions, such as appliances, cabinetry or flooring will only add 25 percent of their retail value to the home equity. Granite, engineered stone (quartz) countertops, worktops add much more.



Few materials can compare with the beauty and elegance of granite and marble. These luxurious natural stones can be used all over your home to create a sophisticated yet practical look. People are often reluctant to use granite or marble tiling and worktops in bathrooms due to concerns about cleaning but caring for a marble or granite bathroom isn’t as tedious as you may think. Marble and granite tiling is the perfect choice for a formal master bath floor and wall and will add value to your home. These natural products quarried from the earth are unique offering unending variation in veining and colour.

There are countless designs, colours, surface textures, tile patterns and edge details available. The colours of marble and granite can be combined with different types of accents, borders and patterns to produce a dramatic effect to your shower and bathrooms.

Vanity tops require slabs with greater strength and stronger glazes to withstand moisture and stains and CCG Granite and Marble can advise you on which to choose to create your dream bathroom which is practical too.


Marble and granite bathroom installations

Marble and granite bathrooms are an addition to any home adding a touch of opulence and increasing the value of your property. The timeless beauty of this beautiful natural stone will create an enduring environment that is luxurious and practical that will have you feeling like you’re living in the lap of luxury.


Caring for natural stone

Cleaning marble and granite is surprisingly easy but it does require a regular routine to keep the stone’s lustre, so it’s essential that the proper sealants are used to prevent damage.

The finest spas in the world use marble to create a luxurious environment. You can create a similar experience in your own home.


Stone has always been considered as a valuable material for use in homes and other building projects. It has been a sought-after material because of its beauty, strength, and resistance to fire and erosion.

Ancient civilizations made good use of granite & marble in their buildings, monuments, palaces, churches and statues.

This durable stones is commonly utilized for flooring, worktops, backsplashes and staircase steps and treads.


Basic Facts In Designing Staircases

Staircase steps consist of a sequence of risers and treads. Treads are the sloping part between intermittent steps and risers are the part your toe bumps. Treads and risers should be structurally sound, flat, dry, clean, and smooth.

They may be an exterior or interior applications. When designing steps and staircases, it is important to ensure that the dimensions of treads and risers are regular.

The steps should be uniform, as uneven staircase steps can generally make people trip up. In order to fashion uniform steps evenly, you need to divide up the total height of the stairs to determine the height of the riser. Stair treads, risers are generally custom-fabricated from large slabs such as marble & granite.

The Use Of Marble For Stair Treads And Rises Is Increasing Due to its immense natural beauty, granite & marble is used widely for making treads and risers in stairs.

Some materials are called “unfading”, which means that these flooring materials would be able to hold their basic colour even after many years of exterior use. Others materials are “weathering” or “semi-weathering”, which indicates that they will change colour when used outside. A stones’ weathering characteristic is primarily an aesthetic consideration.

Artfully designed doors, stonework and pillars can add an air of elegance to homes. In making a unique and classical expression, some homeowners choose the classic design element of a grand staircase as a centerpiece in foyers.



We work with architects, developers, interior and kitchen designers to produce natural stone items for commercially and residentially. Whether you are looking for a luxurious kitchen worktop, stone staircase, beautiful natural stone bathroom our quality and Italian craftsmanship sets us apart.


Commercial granite, marble and quartz installations
We have installed quality granite, marble and quartz solutions in a variety of locations including office staircases and luxury floors. Most of our work comes from recommendation – don’t take our word for it either we have positive Google reviews for our work.

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