The kitchen worktops is the hub of the house

The kitchen is the most important rooms in the house and your kitchen worktops are one of the most important fixtures, used daily.

There are many styles and materials of worktops available on today’s market, so choosing one to suit your needs that will add value to your home can be daunting.

In order to get the best kitchen worktops for your requirements customers can research the differences between natural materials, textures, colors and functions and ask CCG for advice.

Why choose a granite kitchen worktops?

Granite and engineered stone (quartz) are the ongoing trend in kitchen worktops and countertops and their popularity continue to increase. Granite, engineered stone (quartz) kitchen worktops have become increasingly popular for kitchens they have come down in price considerably in the last couple of decades because of improvements in the process of granite, engineered stone (quartz)  fabrication and installation.

While man-made materials will deteriorate with time, granite is a natural stone that can last for generations with the right care and upkeep. Installing a natural stone worktop is not the cheapest option but it will add value to the home and last forever with the right care.

Add value to your home

Most other home additions, such as appliances, cabinetry or flooring will only add 25 percent of their retail value to the home equity. Granite, engineered stone (quartz) countertops, worktops add much more. Aside from the financial benefits of granite, engineered stone (quartz) kitchen worktops, the personal enjoyment experienced by homeowners and their families makes them well worth the investment. Natural stone easily coordinates with any cabinetry, because the natural Earth tones of granite include so many different colors and shades. It is especially complimentary to wood.

Brown and black tones are the most popular because they work well with a variety of kitchen color schemes and offer a great deal of flexibility. Some granite carries a noticeable design within the color, while others have very small patterns. The combination of color and design means that no two kitchen worktops, countertops will look exactly alike.

Since there are so many different colors and shades contained in granite slabs, they can remain in one home through many different cabinetry remodels and still look good. Dark cabinets are warmed up by a light colored stone, while light colored cabinets seem anchored by a dark stone. Granite, engineered stone (quartz) countertops, worktops also look good when they are matched with the cabinets.