Few materials can compare with the beauty and elegance of granite and marble. These luxurious natural stones can be used all over your home to create a sophisticated yet practical look. People are often reluctant to use granite or marble tiling and worktops in bathrooms due to concerns about cleaning but caring for a marble or granite bathroom isn’t as tedious as you may think. Marble and granite tiling on floors and walls are the perfect choice for a formal master bathroom adding value to your home. These natural products quarried from the earth are unique, offering unending variation in veining and colour.

There are countless designs, colours, surface textures, tile patterns and edge details available. The colours of marble and granite can be combined with different types of accents, borders and patterns to produce a dramatic effect to your shower and bathrooms.

Vanity tops require slabs with greater strength and stronger glazes to withstand moisture and stains and CCG Granite and Marble can advise you on which to choose to create your dream bathroom which is practical too.

Take the plunge and contact CCG Granite and Marble to discover how you can install your dream bathroom.

Marble and granite bathroom installations

Marble and granite bathrooms are a addition for any home adding a touch of opulence and increasing the value of your property.  The timeless beauty of this beautiful natural stone will create an enduring environment that is luxurious and practical that will have you feeling like you’re living in the lap of luxury.

Caring for natural stone

Cleaning marble and granite is surprisingly easy but it does require a regular routine to keep the stone’s lustre, so it’s essential that the proper sealants are used to prevent damage.

The finest spas in the world use marble to create a luxurious environment. You can create a similar experience in your own home.